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These are all books I would highly recommend people to read.


Contemporary/Romantic Comedy/NA/YA

Suanne Laqueur

This book is my most recent addition to this list and it positively blew me away.  I never had a book where I didn’t mind what happened next, I was okay with crying, I knew it was part of a process.  This book felt so true to life that I surrendered to it and what was to come.  Did I silently beg for things to turn out how I hoped? Heck yeah! But still I understood as I read it that the raw emotion of it all played true to life.  This wasn’t a book I read to escape reality, it was one I read to seek it out and FEEL.  Achingly beautiful and one I believe will be hard to forget.


Penny Reid

Anything Penny Reid, just do it NOW.  Up above there are a total of 4 series: Knitting in the City, Winston Brothers (spin off of Knitting in the City), Hypothesis Series, Rugby Series. Each book in all series are standalones (except for book #1.5 of KitC  which is a full length novel that continues the story of the couple from book #1, AND the Hypothesis series which must be read in order). Each book always find a way to leave smiling, laughing, and feeling smarter.  Each one is vastly unique and can be read on their own though I highly suggest reading them in order.  This is one of those that I happily shove in peoples hands and am all “READ PLEASE” cause it is just awesome.

LH Cosway

Oh. My. God.  Stick a fork in me I am done.  First I read Still Life with Strings. . . ugh my heart, such beautiful writing.  Then I read Six of Hearts and are you freaking kidding me?!?! Jay stole my heart and then did some weird magic trick on it.  Then, then I went back to the book everyone recommend I read but for some reason I read last, Paint Faces.  READ IT.  READ IT FIRST if you have to choose.  Utter PERFECTION.  Then read all of these.  Just do it.

Amy Harmon

Amy Harmon is a master.  Plain and simple that is all.  The stories she crafts, the tales she weaves.  I just, I just can’t put into words the beauty that is her books.  Each above have captivated me in such a way I couldn’t put the book down.  There are line after line of quotes you can pull from the book and just sit in nothing but pure wisdom.  The writing is spectacular, the characters evolving and well crafted.  Each one blowing me apart and putting me back together in some form or fashion.

Daisy Prescott

I first read this series out of order, with Ready to Fall being my first introduction to Daisy Prescott.  I fell in love with John Day and then Selah in Missionary Position had me grinning like a fool. I then found my way back to the first book and had me seeing where it all began.  Each book in the series is better than the last I feel and if you haven’t tried one of these I positively INSIST.  You can jump around like I did and you will still find the love for the characters as these are stand alones.

Christina Lauren

I couldn’t get into the first book in this stand alone series but it was recommend that I dive into book #2 Beautiful Stranger.  I did and I couldn’t agree more. It blew me away.  I LOVED Max.  Loved the story and was just utterly captivated.  Then I had to try book #3 and hello, LOVED it too.  Hanna was a completely unique female lead for me and it made me engrossed in the story crazy like.  If you didn’t care for Beautiful Bastard, or couldn’t get into it, I ask, I beg of you, try Beautiful Stranger.

Kylie Scott
Every book in this series is a must read.  The first grabbed me and made me fall in love and then I couldn’t not know what happened with the other characters, each book seemingly better than the last. These each focus on a different couple and as such can be read as a standalone but I recommend reading from 1-3.

Colleen Hoover

I remember the first time I read Slammed and the HOLY DRY HUMPING CRAP ON A CRACKER moment that happened like yesterday.  Only it was well over a year and half now.  A complete and utter must.  Then there is Maybe Someday, ugh.  This woman, she is genius I tell you.

Joanna Wylde
Joanna Wylde’s Reaper’s MC is my favorite MC series.  There are currently 4 out, I have listed her only 2.  First I enjoyed the first one but was wasn’t 100% in love with it but I was still captivated and wanted to try another one months later so I dove into Reaper’s Legacy and fell. In. LOVE.  Then Devil’s Game.  Done diddy done done done.  LOVED.  The fourth book I thoroughly enjoyed as well and would tell anyone who is reading the series it is a must to read but it had something that didn’t gel with me so that leaves these 2 as my top recs.


Laura Kaye

Hearts in the Darkness is a novella and was the first thing I ever read by Laura Kaye.  It. Rocked. Me.  If you haven’t read it yet I would highly recommend it.  Beautifully written, and a scenario that was genius.  Hard as it Gets consumed me.  Alpha men, mystery, intrigue and suspense with a strong female lead.  LOVED it.  There are more in the series but this one topped them all so far for me.

Tracey Garvis – Graves

A book that captivated me and made me ponder the given situation.  I couldn’t put it down and loved the writing.  This was such a captivating read that brought up difficult questions and placed it’s characters in impossible situations. LOVED.

On the Island

Jessica Park

Left Drowing left me going crazy at 69%, seriously ripped my heart out.  Flat-Out Love had me captivated and intrigued and just completely enraptured with the writing. The scenes and interactions between Julie, Matt, Finn and Celeste were perfection and it was just all done so wonderfully.

Left Drowning, Flat-Out Love

M. Mabie

So I am not a lover of angst, I am a wuss. This book had me going insane and then that ending!!  I couldn’t not read it, I couldn’t put it down.  It drove me crazy and then I wanted to strangler the author and say “GIVE ME BOOK 2 NOW” Love triangle (kinda) Infidelity (yup), a heroine that you most likely will hate (I kid you not) but a male lead that will leave you swooning and cheering him on.  I know I normally would not go for this type of read but it worked somehow and while I didn’t care for Blake by the end, my love for Casey made it all worth it.

Bait #1

Amalie Silver

If you want a fun, light, and witty read this is the book for you.  It takes a satirical look at the book world, including blogging.  With fun scenes and great chemistry between the male and female lead I found myself truly loving it and them.  I loved being able to read a tongue in cheek look at this crazy world I get to call myself apart of too, even if just in a minor league fashion.

Word Play

Chelsea M. Cameron

This book captivated me from the start with the witty banter between the leads.  I was goner after that first scene where they meet each other.  I could not put it down and found even with some heavy topics it still left me smiling.

My Favorite Mistake

Julie Hockley

Okay, I found this book before I ever found another rather popular read (if I say the name I daresay I might give something away).  Bad guy crime lord with heart of gold who watches over the sibling of his friend when he can no longer do.  A chance encounter (or is it?) and suddenly Emily’s eyes are opened to a whole world she never knew existed, and a man she never new she needed.  The ending blew me away and left me going crazy wanting more.  Book 2 of 3 gives us what we need and much more of the mind and thoughts of Cameron.  Love this series and hope others find it and enjoy it like I have.

Crow’s Row #1, Scare Crow #2


This story, like the series above, is one of the few “dark” reads I really enjoyed.  I liked how the female lead quickly adapted and evolved.  She listened to the male lead in matters that he knew more about and didn’t go off half cocked half the time.  I melted for Carter and understood him and his attachment.  I just absolutely loved this read for one about a bad guy.

Carter Reed

Urban Fantasy/ Paranormal/ Dystopian/ Sci-Fi

Girl Under Glass

by Monica Enderle Pierce

This Sci-Fi dysatopian world completely drew me in and is one I still think about and remember two years later. I was captivated by the writing and the story and was very intrigued by the stranger that finds his way to Rachel’s door.  The authors draws on The Scarlett Letter with developing some of Rachel’s back story and character and I loved seeing this.  This is not a fast light read but a slow and gentle evolution of the story and characters.  There is a whole other language in the book with the alien language that if you are unable to follow along there is a glossary in the back.  This is book 1 of 3 and I eagerly await book 2.  The ending is a cliffhanger but one I could happily handle.

I strongly feel this is a hidden gem of a book and think partly it hasn’t found it’s audience.  I loved it but I tend to love many different genres.  This isn’t really a book for a guy to read on sci-fi, and not for those preferring fun light reads.

Girl Under Glass (The Glass and Iron Series #1)

April White

I love this YA urban fantasy series that has captivated me.  I blew through Marking Time falling in love with the main female lead as she is a strong, independent girl named Saira who grows through her adventure learning that sometimes she doesn’t have to do it alone.  There are time travelers, shape shifters, vampires and war mongers in this series.  Seriously amazing awesome read and LOVING IT.    The first book is FREE too!  Go get hooked!

The Elemental Mysteries Series /Elemental World/Elemental Legacy/ Cambio Springs / Irin Chronicles

by Elizabeth Hunter

I love anything Elizabeth Hunter and luckily she has an amazing back log of books to get lost into.  There are 5 series shown above, 2 based off the Elemental Mysteries.  Each book has  wonderful world building, great character development, mystery and intrigue.  The romance element is done wonderfully and believable.  Don’t wait, just dive in.



The Fever Series
by Karen Marie Moning

Loved this series so much, bought the box set and lost myself in it for 3 days.  I was hesitant at first because of reviews and truth be told Mac (the main female lead) will drive you nuts in the beginning. But she evolves and grows and becomes bad ass and strong and I liked seeing that evolution.  There are 5 books in this series, with completed story arcs and what have you.  However, there are spin off books that are now being titled as Fever Series #6 & 7. The #6 follows from another characters point of view and I have yet to read.  You can buy the box set still only now it contains six books, not just the 5.  You can stop after book 5 though with this series because it does have a completed ending.DarkFever #1BloodFever #2FaeFever #3DreamFever #4ShadowFever #5,

The Lux Series & Obsession (Arum)

Jennifer L. Armentrout

This is a YA with edge series that is sci-fi. I loved this series and waited eagerly for each next new installment.  Though I felt the final book lacked the “punch” I was looking for, I loved it all the same and this series and highly recommend it to others.  You will fall in love with Katy and Daemon.

Obsession is not YA at all and is freaking HOT.  Giving us a glimpse from the Arum it will change your perspective on them and also have you panting.

Obsidian #1, Onyx #2, Opal #3, Origin #4, Opposition #5 –
Obsession (Arum)



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