Series – Completed

Here are series that I loved that are completed and I would highly recommend.  This doesn’t mean these are the only series I recommend but these are ones that are 1) complete and 2) I have read them entirely or have started and currently love.

Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

The Fever Series
by Karen Marie Moning

Loved this series so much, bought the box set and lost myself in it for 3 days.  I was hesitant at first because of reviews and truth be told Mac (the main female lead) will drive you nuts in the beginning. But she evolves and grows and becomes bad ass and strong and I liked seeing that evolution.  There are 5 books in this series, with completed story arcs and what have you.  However, there are spin off books that are now being titled as Fever Series #6 & 7. The #6 follows from another characters point of view and I have yet to read.  You can buy the box set still only now it contains six books, not just the 5.  You can stop after book 5 though with this series because it does have a completed ending.

DarkFever #1, BloodFever #2, FaeFever #3, DreamFever #4, ShadowFever #5,


The Lux Series
by Jennifer L. Armentrout

This is a YA with edge series that is sci-fi. I loved this series and waited eagerly for each next new installment.  Though I felt the final book lacked the “punch” I was looking for, I loved it all the same and this series and highly recommend it to others.  You will fall in love with Katy and Daemon.

Obsidian #1, Onyx #2, Opal #3, Origin #4, Opposition #5

Experiment in Terror Series 
by Karina Halle

For those looking for romance that is slow to burn and build while the story scares the crap out of you, I give suggest this series.  Book #3, Dead Sky Morning was my undoing and I had to wait a while to pick up the series again.  There are 9 books total, but also 4 in between ones, novellas if you will.  Some from Dex’s POV, or a short excursion for the two that didn’t warrant a full book, or even one that gives such a great history of Perry’s family history with her ability.

DarkHouse #1, RedFox #2, The Benson #2.5Dead Sky Morning #3, Lying Season #4, On Demon Wings #5, Old Blood #5.5, The Dex-Files #5.7,  Into the Hallow #6, And with Madness Comes Light #6.5Come Alive #7, Ashes to Ashes #8, Dust to Dust #9

The Dark Light Series
by SL Jennings

For those looking for a HOT paranormal romance that will get your motor running (yup totally just wrote that) this is the series I would recommend too.  Passion, intrigue, suspense, magic.  So many things made this series hard to put down, except I had to cause it wasn’t complete but it is now.

Dark Light #1, The Dark Prince #2, Nikolai #2.5, Light Shadows #3

The All Souls Trilogy
by Deborah Harkness

Such a fantastic journey this trilogy took me on with great world building, romance that captivated me, characters that endeared me and a story that had me enthralled. For lovers of paranormal with witches and vampires this is the book for you. The only down side I have to say to this series is that it doesn’t feel complete.  I was left with several questions and while the main arcs that were written into the story feel like they ended properly, I do not feel this is the end for these characters and I hope more is written in the future so my inquisitive mind may be settled.

A Discovery of Witches #1, Shadow of Night #2, The Book of Life #3

The Elemental Mysteries Series 
by Elizabeth Hunter

This series was recommended to me by several and when I finally bit the bit the bullet I bought the 4 book box set and I am glad I did.  I blew through the first 3 books before coming up for air.  Wonderful world building, great character development, mystery and intrigue.  The romance element is done wonderfully and believable.  I can’t wait to have my questions answered at the end of book 4 (which I am currently reading).  I definite must for vampire book lovers, or those looking to try their hand at a vampire read.

A Hidden Fire #1, This Same Earth #2, The Force of Wind #3, A Fall of Water #4

The Roam Series
by Kimberley Stedronsky

This series actually has 6 books but for some reason amazon won’t let me link them all, just the first 2.  A world filled with time travel and forbidden romance (like hot for teacher if you know what I mean).  The way the relationship is built both past and present made it believable and much more acceptable to me than normally.

Roam #1, Fall #2


The Hunger Games
by Suzanne Collins

I absolutely devoured these and then the movies happened and just wow.  I highly recommend this series especially first before the movies.  Suzanne Collins builds a dystopian world that seemed real and alive.  The emotion you feel for the characters within this book and then the simple fact that the main character isn’t typical.  Katniss is flawed, she is reluctant, she is strong.  She wants to survive and protect those she loves.The Hunger Games #1, Catching Fire #2, Mockingjay #3

Harry Potter
by JK Rowling

I know a no brainer right? Everyone has heard of it, or seen the movies, etc.  Still there are those out there (::cough:: Darci ::cough::) that have yet to find the magic within these book!  These are a must, these I am reading to my own children.  These will bring alive so much inside each person.  A must read (yes I am repeating myself).

The Sorcerer’s Stone #1, The Chamber of Secrets #2, The Prisoner of Azkaban #3, The Goblet of Fire #4, The Order of the Phoenix #5, The Half-Blood Prince #6, The Deathly Hallows #7

The Chronicles of Narnia
by CS Lewis

Before there was Potter, there was the Lion.  I read the first book, though technical not the first book, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe in middle school and from there I devoured the rest.  Now I am not a deeply religious person.  Spiritual yes, but hate religion shoved at me.  Though these books are very much Christian, CS Lewis masterfully wrote these so that you don’t feel it crammed down your throat, and if you don’t care for it you don’t have to acknowledge that portion but instead just fall in the love with the many adventures this series has to lend you.

The Magician’s Nephew #1,
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe #2, The Horse and His Boy #3, Prince Caspian #4, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader #5, The Silver Chair #6

Contemporary/Suspense/Romantic Comedy/Erotica

Devoured Series
by Emily Snow

Hot alpha rock star who knows what he wants and a young wardrobe consultant who bends to please everyone except him.  This was a great Rock Star read and I hated waiting for the final book but it was worth it.  Absorbed, the novella between the two was a sweet treat while I waited for Consumed. There is definitely a good reason for Mr. Wolf to be the way he is and when you find out you might gasp in shock like I did.

Devoured #1Absorbed #1.5, Consumed #2

The Kathleen Turner Series
by Tiffany Snow

A well crafted love triangle that has you confused on who to choose also? Check, mystery suspense and danger? Check.  A story that keeps you captivated and female character that grows?  Absolutely! I loved this series that focuses on a love triangle between two completely opposite brothers.  Written wonderfully to make the triangle work and filled with great angst (that didn’t kill me!!).  This will have you riveted to the last book.

No Turning Back #1, Turn to Me #2, Turning Point #3, Out of Turn #4, Point of No Return #5

The Love Series
by Tina Reber

Hollywood heartthrob and hometown independent sweety?  Sign me up! Loved how this story went and furthermore loved how book #2 wasn’t further contrived drama but rather growth and a vision of how the couple can grow together.  Loved this series and highly recommend!

Love Unscripted #1, Love Unrehearsed #2

Eversea Series
by Natasha Boyd

To continue on with the Hollywood heartthrob and hometown sweety theme we have the Eversea series.  This pulls a bit from real life in my opinion which helped bring this to life.  Hidden from the public eye we get to watch this relationship develop without the drama of paparazzi chases. The end of the first book will leave you in suspense so you will be glad book 2 is already out.  Well written and characters you can love.

Eversea #1, Forever, Jack #2

Rock Chick Series
by Kristen Ashley

A series of standalones focusing on a new couple each time.  Alpha male cup runnith over and strong willed, stubborn trouble prone women too.  The situations these gals get into will have you smiling and laughing continuously.  I have yet to finish the series, on book 5 I believe myself.  Kristen Ashley gives you a full story with many supporting characters for you to fall in love with.  A must for those who want to smile and swoon over alpha men.

Rock Chick #1, Rock Chick Rescue #2, Rock Chick Redemption #3,
Rock Chick Renegade #4, Rock Chick Revenge #5, Rock Chick Reckoning #6, Rock Chick Regret #7, Rock Chick Revolution #8

The Hard Rock Harlots Series
by Kendall Grey

These are a series of stand alones but after the first you can’t help but want to know what will happen with each.  The first is funny and shocking, the second still funny and shocking but much more heart. Finally book 3 is actually much more subdued, less comedy, and still VERY Shocking.  Like the first part of the book makes you go “What. The. Fuck.”  Again you can read them out of order but I suggest you start at the beginning.

Strings #1, Beats #2, Nocturnes #3

The Driven Series
by K. Bromberg

This trilogy captivated me from the start with the verbal sparing that occurred between the two main leads.  I loved how strong Rylee seemed as a woman and while affected by this man wasn’t about to let him steam roll her.  Colton through his persistences and ability to slowly open up endears

Driven #1, Fueled #2Crashed #3

The Progress Series
by Amy Queau

I am not one for angst, it is something that must be read in small doses for me personally.  But when done right, I LOVE it.  This series while angsty and full of turmoil had me gripping my kindle turning the page and wanting more.  I devoured the series in less than a week and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I wanted, no HAD to know what happened next with the characters.

Progress #1, Interrupted #2, Rewired #3

Unlovable Series
by Lynetta Halat

Another love triangle done perfect!  This was written in the only way possible for what I wanted to happen, happen and I loved every second of it.  I understood Dallas and while I hated her self loathing I couldn’t wait for her awakening that I knew would be coming.  And the twist in book 2?  WTH!?! Did not see that coming!.  Book 1 gave me a good twist too.  What a roller coaster and thankfully book 2 was a relaxing smooth lets get to know this couple book.

Used #1, Freed #2

Fifty Shades Trilogy 
by EL James

I couldn’t list books without listing this series.  For some this was a launching point for their renewed love of reading.  While that wasn’t the case for me, because I had been an avid reader before these books, it was certainly one that turned me on (hahaha, see what I did there) to books with a more erotic nature.

Fifty Shades of Grey #1, Fifty Shades Darker #2, Fifty Shades Freed #3

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