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Did Not Finish (DNF) books happen for many reasons, some of which being that it just didn’t click with me for my reading style or because I wasn’t in the right mood at the time.  Many books are well loved and treasured by others but as with all things in life not all books will be for everyone.  Even though I might not have been able to finish it you might still love it and find it is your next favorite read.  When I sit with my girlfriends and talk books we also discuss books we didn’t click with.  This blog is me talking as if I am talking with my friends and so with you too I am sharing the books that  just weren’t for me.  I don’t rate these books or leave reviews for them on other sites because I will only ever do that if I finish a book.

My not finishing a book does not mean it is a bad book, it just wasn’t for me.  My comments may entice you to want to read the book because it sounds up your ally and if that is the case then that is amazing or you might feel that for you to it just wouldn’t work.

Everyone has their own taste in books, this is one way for you to learn mine in addition to my reviews of books that I love.

This list will be updated weekly with any books posted in Thursdays DNF Files.  Rather than search back through for old DNF post you can see what I listed and said here.

Ruin (The Ruin Series, Book 1)

End Point: ~25%

With all the positive reviews I wanted to give this book a try and a year ago purchased it and did such.  I quickly got into the beginning of it and felt some giddy excitement as I read but quickly realized this book was not going to work for me.  The major issue was the quickly escalating connection between the heroine and the male lead.  I am not against instant love.  I can believe an attraction that happens quickly, within 48 hours even, but the writing of the story has to support it.  This one didn’t for me.  They quickly became something to each other but there wasn’t enough written into the story to make me believe it.  Along with that some of the dialogue made me do this thing where I get embarrassed for the people saying it and not only cringe but hide my eyes.  I often do this with reality t.v. and when I found myself doing it while reading I just couldn’t continue.  I can’t say where I left off because I went so far as to jump to the ending and didn’t even finish reading the ending (but that messed up my where I left off, I am guessing 25%)


Thirty-Two Going On Spinster: A Novel

by Becky Monson

End Point: 32%

I had too much to say that could be posted here. Check out my post on it here



Past Heaven

by Laura Ward

End Point: 18%

I loved the sound of this one from the synopsis and I think it had a lot of potential but I just couldn’t get past some of the writing.  The dialogue was awkward and untrue to life for me. It kept taking me out of the story.  Also the parts in the male POV did not match up to the character.  When I was first reading his internal dialogue and reactions I thought he was 25-27 in age, not almost 40 and when I found out he was almost 40 I still couldn’t get the dialogue to fit with him.  I think the idea for this story is a great one but as it is now I just couldn’t keep my head in it and had to walk away.


by Jasinda Wilder

End Point: 77%

I tried, I really did. I got into it and it kept me going for a while but then I just got to a point where I realized I was forcing it and there were other books to read.  I think for me I didn’t feel a connection to the story.  It felt too out there for me about the college stripper and hollywood heartthrob.  I mean the instant attraction with the domineering wanting to take care of her. . .it just.. . meh.


This Regret

by Victoria Ashley

End Point: 7%

Yes, I know my lowest end point percentage.  I am not sure if I sampled this first because usually you can sample almost that same percentage so I would recommend you sample first.  I just, no.  This did not work for me.  I ended at a scene involving sex and the dialogue wasn’t working for me, I couldn’t care about the main male character from that dialogue or how he was acting and I just didn’t jive with the writing.  This is me though, everyone is different. I realize there is a lot of love for this book though so like I said sample it for yourself and see if it works for you.





by LA Casey

End Point: 60%

This started off strong for me, and I was really getting into it but as it progressed there was just such a disconnect for me.  This was written much like a NA but the characters maturity level was grating.  There is a warning now on the synopsis about what type of book this is, and all that it warns against I can handle.  But immature back and forth was what made it impossible for me to go forward.

Must Love Otters

by Eliza Gordon

End Point: 25%

I was looking for a light fun read and decided to give this one a go.  However I became bogged down by the heroine.  I found didn’t relate to her which is okay because I don’t have to but couple that with she started to get on my nerves with her whining and I finally just got to a point where I didn’t feel a want or desire to continue and that was before the story even really left the ground.  Couldn’t get into it by 25% and to read it anymore I knew would be torching myself.

Royally Trained
by Diana Ames

Ended point: 31%

This book was extremely hard for me to get into because of the subject matter,  View Spoiler » This just was not my cup of tea.

by Harper Sloan

Ended at: 50%

Lack of communication between the two leads is what finally drove me to put this book down. I was loving everything else about the story except this one issue.  One simple question from either of them would have led to answers for both that would have stopped the arguing and misunderstanding and I couldn’t fathom why they wouldn’t ask it, in real life it would have been one of the first things people asked “What happened to you? Why were you gone when I came back” etc. There is another question but it would spoil a part of the story for others.  I just wish that wasn’t the only thing keeping them apart because it felt unrealistic to me that neither would have said anything by this point in the book.  I ended up buying the series however, because I had several people tell me they too didn’t care so much for the first but loved the others and I love me a good alpha story and except for that one issue, this truly was a good alpha story.

The Redemption of Callie & Kayden
by Jessica Sorensen

Ended at: 39%

I fell in love with Callie & Kayden when I read book #1 The Coincidence of Callie & Kayden and I was hoping with this book that their broken hearts from the past they led would find resolution but it was clear that they just were not going to get cut a break for quite sometime, like not until another book and I just couldn’t go on. I actually started skimming past the 39% point just to see if some break was coming.  They had enough horribleness, finally find some peace in each other but still shit got handed to them.  It felt like there was no breather for them or me and ended up having to leave it which was hard and I might go back because it was a beautiful story and the ending deserves to be found out.  Maybe soon I can return to it.

Remember When (Audio Version)
by T. Torrest

Ended at: 29%

Again, this was a DNF audio book for me. I think the biggest issue is the narrator for me.  I grabbed the audio version while putting together my kids beds and painting.  I just could not get into it especially with the narrator and when she would do the male voice.  I think this is one that I must read and not listened to.  Anyone else listen to the audio?  Thoughts?  I think this is one I will give another try because I love a good hollywood heart throb and throw in a second chance romance and I am a goner, but like I said, I will read it instead.

Fear of Falling
by SL Jennings

End Point: 62%

Okay I feel kind of ashamed that this was a DNF.  I love SL Jennings the Dark Light series and others read this one while I was reading it and spoke volumes about how awesome it was.  I don’t know, I just wasn’t connecting with the main character or the story.  It was slow for me a little and without the connection I got squirreled into reading other books. Maybe one day I will go back to finish but considering I put it down I think over a year ago, the chances are slim.

by Aleatha Romig

End Point: I don’t know, friend loaned it. . . before 40% maybe in the 30s.

I wanted to love this book, and so many do.  It comes highly recommended and I can tell why.  The writing is amazing and the story so unique.  However, I couldn’t read it anymore.  I was PISSED almost the entire time.  And I got more and more mad as it went on.  I wanted to bring the main male character out of the book and strangle the shit out of this guy.  I just.  I just couldn’t.  Now the fact that the author was able to evoke these emotions from me says a lot of her talent.  I just don’t like to be so freaking pissed all the time.  I need breaks and I couldn’t breath as I read it.

by J.M. Darhower

End point: 68%

I got so close on this one, almost 3/4ths the way through.  I don’t know it must be that dark reads aren’t a love of mine.  Some I will read and like, some LOVE but for the most part they just aren’t my thing I don’t think.  The story was well done, it kept me going for 68% but I just got to a point where I was done.  I lost interest in the couple and would rather skip to the ending to find out what happened instead of investing more reading time into it. I can tell why people love it, just not my thing.

Fighting For Flight
by JB Salsbury

End point: 38%

Another one where I can understand the love but I don’t do well with some angst.  I have to be in the right mind set.  I am a serious wuss when it comes to a ton of angst so I usually time my angst reads accordingly.  Often third person books in angst work better for me because I can remove myself.  Well with this story I was really into it, I mean female mechanic,  love how original! Raven was awesome, I was great with the instant chemistry between the two leads,  but then I got to this one part where she has to see someone and he tells her what she is going to do for him or what he will do to those she cares about and I freaking locked up put the book down and walked away.  Again I am a wuss.

Seductions & Snacks
By Tara Sivec

End point:  66%

This story just didn’t hold my attention.  Part of what got me in the beginning was the constant internal monologue. Don’t get me wrong, I laughed because the book had some awesome funny moments but I like the story to be flushed out through conversation more than internally.  It did pick up as it went, but by this point it just was no longer holding my attention.  I liked the idea and the concept but I didn’t feel invested in the story anymore.  I am not sure but there is a chance once day I will go back and finish to find out what happens.


by Nina Lane

End point: 50%

While it intrigues me there is so much of the story that took place in the past and I just prefer staying in the present.  I don’t mind some flashbacks but I would rather of started the story in the past working towards the present.  It felt like it was moving slowly and I just couldn’t stay engaged for long.  I see it is a 3 book series and there is a part of me that just doesn’t feel interested in this couple enough to hang on for 3 books, especially since it was hard enough staying interested up to 50% in the first book.


Covertly Strong

by NA Alcorn

End Point: 46%

I think it was the third person pov that made this hard for me to stay with.  I really liked the characters and would like to know their story and find out when they learn things but I just was not able to stay in the story.  There was so much about what was going on with them internally without the story and dialogue telling me and that made it hard for it to capture my attention.

Law Man

by Kristen Ashley

End Point: 25%

I love Kristen Ashley but some of her books just don’t work for me and this was one of them.  I didn’t like the female lead, and the male lead, Mitch, I liked even less.  He didn’t seem patient, he got frustrated with her easily and I just didn’t like how it was going. In short I thought he acted like an Ass a few times.  You can be a bossy alpha male but you can’t be an ass too in my opinion.  I switched over to Motorcycle Man and was immediately happy for the change.  I just don’t see this as one that I will ever finish because the characters don’t work for me.


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