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Confidence is a fickle thing. It comes and goes it seems. I’ve had some recent blows to mine with the changing of the weather. I’ve longed for these warm sunny days.

What I hadn’t longed for was discovering that with working at my computer all day during the winter resulted in none of my summer clothes fitting comfortably. Wearing clothes that noticeably dig in or accentuate my less than firm abdominal region has left me feeling really less than stellar.

I dug around this morning and found shorts that fit me. I also luckily have 2-3 summer tops that hide my extra stomach padding. Having clothes that fit changed my confidence level and I suddenly wasn’t thinking about what I was eating or when I would work out again. All things granted I need to do and will, but they shouldn’t consume me and eat into how I feel about t myself.

I’m done trying to fit into the tag size I want to and will happily wear what instead makes me feel good. And of course working towards getting moving again, but because I should, not because I was crumpled crying on the floor earlier in the day because nothing fit right.


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