Some Mornings I Just Keep My Head Afloat

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some mornings I just keep my head a float

some mornings I just keep my head a float

My Morning

(A Mom’s Morning)

Some mornings it feels like I am just keeping my head afloat. I wake before 6am and start my work day. I check emails, do any social media work for clients that need to be done and it is actually the peaceful nice time of the morning.
Then about 6:30 the clock in my head starts ticking and the questions start running in my mind. Are the kids up? Are they getting dressed? Has my eldest started her chores (empty the dishwasher and make lunch)? How much needs to get done before we head out the door?
I get breakfast going and if I’ve remembered early enough let the dog out and watch him (no fence and he has a tendency to want to go for a jog after the quail some mornings and our virbration collar isn’t working).
Then I have to remember to have the little one feed the dog. Get myself dressed and ready. Brush little bean’s hair after talking her into it after 5-10minutes of her dragging her feet getting me the brush and spray bottle and working herself into tears. Yell to my oldest to hurry up, she should have been done by now and to “go brush your hair and oh by the way change your clothes because the weather doesn’t even know its own mind and might snow so short sleeves are a no.” Argue a bit more then get breakfast plated up and vitamins ready, maybe some extra vitamins set up because the little one now has a cold and pink eye.
It is at this point I take my breakfast, set the kitchen timer for 10 minutes ,and warn the kids they only have 10 minutes to eat because otherwise they take 30 and wont be done still by that time. Spend a peaceful 10 minutes eating and doing any other work online.
Then come out and shout to the kids that it is time to hustle, pack backpacks, get shoes on, don’t forget to brush their teeth and by the why wash their face since the smoothie is all over it. And oh eldest child of mine “BRUSH YOUR HAIR AGAIN! PLEASE.” Finally at some point I hear “Can we load up?” to which I respond yes while I look around for where my dang phone that I had just 20 minutes ago has ended up. Find phone and dash outside but GAH! SNACKS I forgot to grab the snacks for class so back in the house.
Finally run out the door 10 minutes after I wanted to leave and as I’m pulling out of the garage realize that shit I didn’t let the dog out that particular morning, I only told myself to do it in my mind. Run back in get the dog and let him out whilst tapping my foot thinking “hurry hurry hurry.”
And then I can finally make the school run and breath a sigh of relief because I did it, I stayed afloat. . .just barely. Though my kids now think my one mode is “Shouting Mom Mode.” :/


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