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Where is Back Off My Books? What is going on?

If those are some questions you are having (or maybe not, maybe you could kind of careless, no biggie ūüėČ ) then this post is here to explain what is going on. ¬†When I first started blogging it was with the intent to take a hobby that I loved, reading, and do something constructive with it. ¬†I had tried blogging about my life, and move, about 5 years ago. ¬†However, not much was there to blog about, at least in my opinion. ¬†Truthfully not much has changed. ¬†There is more going on, more thoughts that I have on topics but I am very much the same low key person I was before.

Anyways, I started my book review blog 3, maybe 4 years ago because I wanted to give honest reviews of books. ¬†This was important to me after being burned by a stellar glowing review of a book, a book that at the time did not have a balance of reviews (you know, 5 star and 2-3 stars), everyone seemed positive. ¬†That book spurred me to want to write¬†reviews more and make sure there is more of a balance. To this day if there is a book that I am interested in by an author I have never read before I look for the 2-3 star reviews first. ¬†I like knowing some people’s gripes going ¬†in so I can determine if those are gripes I can’t look past or ones I could careless about. ¬†They make me more confident in my purchase now.

So that is what I have done for the past 3.5 years, read and review. ¬†The last year or more though just posting reviews hasn’t been as fun. ¬†Not to mention due to health, moving, family issues, jobs I haven’t been reading as much. ¬†I¬†have¬†for a while posted some life post to my blog but it always felt “off” with the blog title being “Back Off My Books” and it made it awkward at times to feel okay with posting certain things, and well¬†that is just stupid. This a blog I pay for and cultivate on my own so I should feel free to post what I want.

However, not that long back I sent out a newsletter with a free budget sheet I created and with mailchimp you can see the feedback people leave if they choose to unsubscribe. ¬†One unsubscribe feedback after that newsletter was “I only want book updates.” ¬†It was the push I needed because I realized then and there I would always feel compelled to hold back if my blog’s focus was screaming “BOOK REVIEWS & NEWS”

I want this blog to be an extension of me.  Almost 2 months ago my mother-in-law passed away.  For weeks I wrote a cathartic post in my head.  And I never felt like I could actually do it.  Now I can, now I will (that post to come).

I understand if this changes things for my followers who only want to see book related news. ¬†Don’t worry that is still a huge part of this blog. Books and authors have changed my life and will remain a large part of who I am and what I post. ¬†Things are just tweaking a bit. ¬†Hopefully¬†you are down with that, but if not no big deal I understand.

Over the coming days/weeks/months I will be tweaking the blog, newsletter, facebook page, etc to reflect the changes.

at this time the only link change is to facebook. I am now @UniquelyJennBlog on Facebook and the new URL there is http://www.facebook.com/UniquelyJennBlog.  However, they rejected my renaming the page claiming it was too confusing :/  So now I am in the process of trying to get them to change their minds.


6 responses to “Why Uniquely Jenn

  1. I just love you, Jenn. I am excited for this “new” venture into expressing ALL of yourself without any concern for keeping your blog posts inside one box. You are, of course, so much more than that!

    • Thank you:D When I saw the assets of the feathers I fell in love. My bedroom is all golds and turquoise with a peacock paint and feathers in a vase so I took it as a sign.

  2. Shannon O'Shea Schmieg

    Best wishes, Jenn! Can’t wait to see what the future holds for your new blog. My sympathy to you and your family. My mother-in-law passed away two weeks ago. For almost 3 decades, she was more of a mother to me than my own.

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