Month: January 2016

Style: Stitch Fix Box #6

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Style: Stitch Fix Box #6

Hello my precious…   Finally, after additional weeks of no box because of a little thing called a budget I finally received my 6th box.  My heart was happy at what it found, it was a 4/5 box and the one miss was actually something I asked Jordana to find me in a post on […]

Review: Suddenly Royal by Nich..

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Review: Suddenly Royal by Nichole Chase

The truth: People read reviews in the hopes of making a decision to read or not.  More truth: people tend to stick to reviews from people they know and trust, at least in regards to book taste because it makes it easier to know whether or not a book will be enjoyable because a recommendation […]

Life: Family, School, Graphics..

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Life: Family, School, Graphics oh my!

Family So I don’t think I mentioned this the last time I posted but more has happened since so here goes.  About a week and half prior to Christmas I received a call from my brother saying mom was in the hospital.  I missed the initial call and as he was telling me I went […]

Review: Him by Sarina Bowen &#..

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Review: Him by Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy

Okay not going to lie, love a good M/M book because quite frankly the sex scenes rev my engine more than most. They are just plane hot if written right.  I loved Ella Franks, Try, but I picked up this one because it was appearing on so many best of 2015 lists so figured I […]