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Blogging: Annoying Things Some..

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Blogging: Annoying Things Some Book Bloggers Sometimes Do

6 Things Some Book Bloggers Do That Annoy Me Please note: this is just MY OPINION of annoying things some book bloggers sometimes Do It’s true, sometimes things other bloggers do rub me the wrong way.  This is not every blogger, I am not saying it is, this is just things that happen sometimes by some people but I have noticed […]

Blogging: Finding Yourself Irr..

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Blogging: Finding Yourself Irrelevant

I’m Irrelevant Two years ago when I dove into this book blogging world I had no idea what I was doing, what blogs were  out there and what would become of me.  I had a dream sure, while it was a hobby I had aspirations for my site.  I remember talking with my husband and […]

Review: King of Hearts by LH C..

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Review: King of Hearts by LH Cosway

Let me begin by stating that this book is a stand alone, but honestly I believe you are doing a great disservice to yourself if you don’t at least read Hearts of Fire first.  Hearts of Fire is where we are first introduced to Oliver King in the present.  He is far from the man […]

New Releases & Sales: Jul..

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New Releases & Sales: July 21st 2015

New Releases It has been weeks since I posted one of these so I am doing things different today. See I didn’t keep up on what was newly released, well but for a few things. So I am posting the books that released in the past month that I 1-clicked, pre-ordered, got excited about. Truth […]

Review: Truth or Beard by Penn..

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Review: Truth or Beard by Penny Reid

I had to read this book slowly and not because it required it but because my schedule of travel, school and home required that I not read it like I wished and like it called for me too.  Though I think now the forced slow down of reading it was a blessing because I got […]