Month: August 2014

Beauty and the Mustache by Pen..

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Beauty and the Mustache by Penny Reid

Review: So after I read this book I knew beyond doubt that this one was a great example of the evolution of an author, as well as demonstrating an author who is able to be original and unique with her characters in a way that keeps you wanting the next book. . and the next. […]

Marking Time (The Immortal Des..

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Marking Time (The Immortal Descendants Book 1) by April White

Review: Time travel, adventure, mystery, suspense, and a love that transcend time.  Yup.  This book has everything. This was an EPIC adventure of a book that was written so well as to create a thriving and vivid world that I was completely and utterly immersed into.  The supporting characters were well-developed and played key roles […]

Win Penny Reid AWESOMENESS!!

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Win Penny Reid AWESOMENESS!!

GIVEAWAY I love giving away stuff and so does Penny so together we are giving away amazingness!!  Win those 4 signed paperbacks in the picture (Neanderthal Seeks Human, Neanderthal Marries Human, Friends Without Benefits, and Love Hacked), and a size large hanes tagless Penny Reid shirt. The front says “Penny Reid/Gives Good Book” The quote […]

I’ve Been Quiet…..

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I’ve Been Quiet…..

So quiet times this week as I move, help build a deck, wrangle children and visit with my daddy.  So things will be quiet for a while here (especially if i loose internet for a day or so).  I am getting very little reading in but did get to read an ARC of Penny Reid’s […]

Bang (Black Lotus #1) by EK Bl..

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Bang (Black Lotus #1) by EK Blair

  Review: So let me prefaces this with while I don’t hate dark reads, they are not on the top of my want to read meter.  I do enjoy suspense and mystery no doubt, but I like there to be some sort of HEA in there somewhere.  Maybe they don’t always get the HEA or […]