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Rock Chick Redemption #3 by Kr..

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Rock Chick Redemption #3 by Kristen Ashley

Review: I really really love Kristen Ashley’s books.  They aren’t all hits with me but for 90% of the ones I have read I love and want to shove down peoples throats.  The Rock Chick Series of books is one of those.  This is the third book in the series and focuses on Hank and […]

Missionary Position by Daisy P..

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Missionary Position by Daisy Prescott

  Review: Now having read all of Daisy’s books (I still need to review 1 more!)  I can say I will always be 1-clicking whatever she puts out.  They just seem to get better and better with each new adventure.  I thought John Day had my heart but then again I had yet to meet […]

Scoring Wilder by RS Grey

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Scoring Wilder by RS Grey

Review: Sexy bad boy soccer star with a heart of gold? Check.  Tough, opinionated, driven female lead who doesn’t let other’s push her around? Check.  Sexiness and a relationship that you root for, heck yeah!  I LOVED Scoring Wilder because it was a fun, smart, witty read with a good dose of sexy poured on […]

Point of No Return (Book #5) b..

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Point of No Return (Book #5) by Tiffany Snow

Review: I have been eagerly waiting for this book for so long, wanting to know how this love triangle would end.  While I won’t spell it out to avoid spoilers I will say the guy I wanted to get the girl did.  I truly felt he was the best fit for Kathleen and I loved […]

Pre-Order Campaign

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Pre-Order Campaign

I posted this on Facebook but it is best to do it to multiple places so I am posting it here as well. If you have the time I would greatly appreciate it! So Penny Reid posted the other day in response to questions she has been getting about being able to pre-order her upcoming […]